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Are you wearing a mask?

 Are you wearing a mask?


Are you free to be you?




The Mask

When I can take away my mask
and face life without guilt
or shame that I am who I am
the poles begin to tilt.

Then time’s a useless entity
and matter needs no space.
What is exists in harmony
and what was will be erased.

Until another struggling soul
wants more than eyes can see
and knows that any price is worth
the chance of being free.

S.L. Galletano

Do you find yourself plodding through life with a mask on so others will not see who you really are?  Part of living in peace and harmony is being who you really are and embracing it.   None of us are close to being perfect.  Mistakes happen every day and will continue to happen for that is the nature of life.  We must learn from them and not hide them.  Life presents us with opportunities every day to learn, we just need to take off our masks and face our fears. 







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