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Chaos or Divine Order? by S.L. Galletano

Not Chaos-like, together crushed and bruised,
But, as the world harmoniously confused.
Where order in variety we see,
And where, though all things differ, all agree.
Windsor Forest – Alexander Pope

Most of us as rational human beings would prefer order to chaos.  We equate order to harmony and chaos to madness.  Is it possible that in our faulty perception of the world, we can’t see the order in the chaos?

Author Joseph Campbell points out what German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer penned about chaos:  “Schopenhauer…points out that when you reach an advanced age and look back over your lifetime, it can seem to have had a consistent order and plan, as though composed by some novelist.  Events that when they occurred had seemed accidental and of little moment turn out to have been indispensable factors in the composition of a consistent plot.  So who composed that plot?  Schopenhauer suggests that just as your dreams are composed by an aspect of yourself of which your consciousness is unaware, so, too, your whole life is composed by the will within you.  And just as people whom you will have met apparently by mere chance became leading agents in the structuring of your life, so, too, will you have served unknowingly as an agent, giving meaning to the lives of others.” – Joseph Campbell.                                                                                                                

So, if your life seems to be in a state of chaos right now, don’t panic!  Perhaps in the chaos, an aspect of your being is under construction.  Sometimes we require a breakdown of some part of ourselves in order to bring change.  Love yourself, bear with yourself, and forgive yourself.  There is a Divine Purpose in your life trying to get through to you.  Be still and listen.

Have a happy journey!


Coincidence or synchronicity?

Have you ever experienced something  in your life that appeared to be a coincidence, but you wondered if it could be more than coincidence?  For example, when my daughter was four years old, she didn’t feel well one day and started running a fever.  I stayed home from work that day with the intention of taking her to the doctor.  A couple of hours after she awakened, she started watching her favorite show on tv – Barney.  I was listening to the show as I got ready to take her to the doctor.  The story was about Baby Bop who was breaking out with bumps all over, and found out she had chickenpox.  Not long after the program ended, my daughter showed me that she was breaking out with bumps like Baby Bop.  And indeed, her doctor confirmed that she had chickenpox.  Was this just a coincidence?  Things like this have happened to me repeatedly in my life and so I began to search for an explanation.  I found it in the works of psychologist Carl Jung and his ideas of “synchronicity.”                 

Jung defined synchronicity as the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance and that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner.  Looking at my situation with my daughter getting chickenpox at the same time that she watches Baby Bop get them on tv, if just a coincidence, would seem unbelievably farfetched.  What if I had turned on another program?  Are these two events related in some meaningful way?  Jung explains it as a governing dynamic that underlies the whole of human experience and history – social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.  Following discussions with both Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli, Jung believed that there were parallels between synchronicity and aspects of relativity theory and quantum mechanics.  He also believed that this “deeper order” was embedded in an orderly framework and was the focus of that framework.  So, what does this mean?

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung

Consider another incidence of synchronicity that happened to me.  I decided to take my two female cats to the vet to be spayed.  The night before I was to take them, I dreamed that one of my cats, Precious, was a boy.  When I awakened, I laughed and wondered why I dreamed such a silly thing.  About an hour after I took the cats to the vet, I received a call informing me that one of the cats, Precious, was a boy.  For a minute, I didn’t know what to say.  I was a nurse and yet I had never seen any “evidence” that my cat was a male.  Coincidence?  It is hard to get a handle on.  I am keeping an open mind as a new generation researches and defines the grand order of things.

What do you think?  Please leave a comment.

For those of you that would like to read more about synchronicity, try F. David Peat’s book  Synchronicity – The Bridge Between Matter and Mind.                                                                             

Have a happy journey!

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