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Keep Hope Alive

 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of thing not seen. Hebrews 11:1.

Years ago one of my college professors was talking about creativity in general.  He said, “I always wished that I could create something, or paint something or write something, I just don’t seem capable of creating anything.”

A young Iranian man in the class held up his hand.  When the teacher called on him, he said, “No, you’re wrong about that. You are a creator.  A very good one,  in fact.”  The teacher responded, surprised that this student was speaking at all.  He hadn’t had much to say during the class.

“Well, thank you.  I don’t know what I created though.”

“You created the best thing in the world for me.  You created hope.”

No one said a word for a few minutes.  I think God opened my eyes that day to see others that might need some hope.

That was a long time ago, but I have never forgotten it.  Hope is such a valuable resource for us.  We probably have an occurance every day of our lives when when we could create hope for someone, but something holds us back.  I sat next to the student in the story about 3 months.  I never knew anything about him at all.    My fellow students always spoke of all the Iranian students in a negative way, with slurs about their nationality.   They made it plain that the Iranian students needed to go home.  It surely hadn’t crossed my mind to offer him a kind word of encouragement. 

As we go about our business today, I hope we will all become aware of our ability to create hope for someone else.


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