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In Their Hands They Will Bear You Up by Sharron Galletano

ImageIt must have been so frightening and confusing for the people trapped in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania when the terrorists attacked America on 9/11.  I have often thought what it must have been like to not to know what was happening.  This is my tribute to the victims, the survivors, their families, and all the brave men and women who died trying to rescue them.

In Their Hands They Will Bear You Up

The buildings all shake as my world falls apart.

I scream and I scream as fear tortures my heart.

I reach and I grope…something’s scorching my hand,

burning flesh and my soul and the soul of all man.


My heart skips a beat as I look for my wife

and my children. “Oh, God! They are my whole life.”

I call out their names and I scream in my head.

But no words do I hear as the stop light turns red.


Do I stop? I’m confused. Am I dead or awake?

Then it happens again as I feel the earth quake.

I am falling and falling, just where I don’t know.

The ashes are hot! It is hell here below.


I’m covered with bricks and lots of debris

and tangled among all the limbs of a tree.

I scramble to stand, something’s under my feet.

I look and discover flesh burned in the heat.


But this is the thing I don’t quite understand:

there’s nobody at all, not a woman or man.

Just a pile of seared flesh and… maybe it’s mine…

“Shine the light!” I scream. “Someone help the light shine!”


The policeman is busy and no help comes my way.

The voices again! “Shsss, what did you say?”

The whistles are coming from above and below.

The stop light’s now green so I guess I can go.


“I’m going,” I shout, but my legs are just stumps.

“Come on,” screams a man and he finally jumps

out the window because all his clothes are on fire.

Look, there’s a beautiful bird on that wire!


I’m up and then down and I think I have died.

And all I can say is please Lord tell me why?

What has taken my life? Did our building explode?

Then I see on the back of an angel I rode.


I still smell the smoke but its drifting away.

I look down below, there are others that stayed.

My angels flies on with me on her back

but suddenly I hear someone cry out for Jack.


“Stop, turn around! Someone’s calling my name!”

If I take you back now you will have so much pain.

You won’t have your legs for the rest of your life.

“I don’t care about that. I just want my wife!


Alright, she said and she turned us around.

And slowly descended through the smoke to the ground.

“Thank you,” I cried. “The time’s just not right.

I know what’s ahead and I’m ready to fight!”


That’s all I remember. Now I’m back on the ground.

Listening for help, but I don’t hear a sound.

Now I’m screaming and shouting as loud as I can.

“I hear a small voice. Yes! The voice of a man!”


The searchers have found me! There’s joy in my heart.

“We’re coming,” they shouted. “Someone get the cart.”

They’re drilling and sawing to free me from harm.

They’re calling for others. They sound the alarm.


“There’s a live one,” they’re shouting. “Bring water, supplies.

There’s work to be done. We can’t let him die!”

They all work with fervor to free me at last.

I ask them, “What happened – was there some kind of blast?”


“It was terrorists and planes and many are dead.

You’re lucky you made it,” the old man said.

“The angel – she told me that it was my choice.”

The old man sputtered and then lost his voice.


Finally he said, “Well, that’s great young man.

Your ride’s on the way,” and he offered his hand.

With strong arms they pulled me up and around

and they gasped when they saw my burned legs on the ground.


“Don’t worry about that. I really don’t care.

I’ll ask them to make me a brand new pair.”

They silently nodded with tears in their eyes

cause I looked like a kid who had just won a prize.


My family was waiting for me to arrive.

I shouted to them, “I’m alive, I’m alive!”

“It’s Daddy!” my children screamed in my ear.

I suddenly knew I had nothing to fear.


I pondered the angel – was she real or a dream?

I know sometimes things are not as they seem.

It was then that I saw them. Yes, more than just one!

They kissed me goodbye, for their work now was done.


I blew them a kiss and thanked them again.

“I made the right choice – I know that I’ll mend.

Many others still need you, trapped under debris.”

They smiled as they left – they had others to free.

God bless America. 

“In their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot on a stone.” Luke 4:11


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