Exploring the meaning of life…

ImageI’ve recently discovered a marvelous book – Spiritual Literacy- by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat.  I was hooked from the introduction: “In the pages to come, you are invited to join others who have found that spirituality is played out through the ordinary and the everyday.  For when we are spiritually literate, we discover that the whole world is charged with sacred meaning” (26).                                                                                                                             Image

We often buy into the fallacy that it is the BIG deals that yield spirituality in our lives, like parting the waters or causing bushes to catch on fire.  We overlook the small, everyday, ordinary occurances that we experience daily.  Partly, this is because we lack vision.  Unless we are looking for the spiritual, we can live everyday of our lives in blindness, thinking nothing spiritual ever happens.  We go to work, feed the children, mow the yard – we are tired and spent.  How can we see beauty in these chores? 

From Native Americans to the Transcendental poets, we have been shown the sacred in the beauty of our world.  We just need to take the time to look for it in our everyday lives.  Some days we may have to look harder than others, but the point is that we must look.  Develop the habit of searching for beauty and God in everyday experiences.  It can change your life!

Have a wonderful journey!



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