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   Dreams can be wonderful and perplexing.  Some people say they never dream and others have spectacular dreams every night that they can remember in great detail.  But what about our dreams for our lives?  If you asked people on the street what their dream is most would reply something like – I want to be a movie star, or I want to play in the NFL someday, or I want to be rich.  But what if your dream was to go to bed without hunger?                                                                                             

I live in Memphis only a few miles from one of the poorest zipcodes in the United States.  The school programs here offer children supper as well as breakfast and lunch.  On Martin Luther King day, I think it is good to note that there is some progress on the fulfillment of his dream.  To help children do well at school and graduate, sometimes you have to eliminate the effects of poverty before these children are going to care about their future.

Sometimes you have to teach children how to dream.  It is not something that comes naturally when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from.  Dreams of college don’t figure into their minds.  So if we are going to teach children to dream, we must teach them to dream BIG.  We all need to learn how to dream BIG.

But is that realistic, you say?  Absolutely, and I will tell you why.  We need to learn to dream so BIG that the only way we can get there is through God.  Of course we need to have confidence in ourselves, but it is more important to have confidence in God.  Unwavering.  Beyond any doubt.  Complete and total.  With every fiber of our being.  That is how dreams are achieved.

Have a happy journey and dream BIG!



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